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Advice For Designers

“I think you should always do more than what people ask for. Or we should not only look for what they ask for, but what they would like to do if they had the courage to ask for it.”

by Hartmut Esslinger, the founder of the legendary design firm Frog Design

SANAA proposes transparent spheres for nobel headquarters

SANAA‘s proposal for the nobel center headquarters in stockholm, sweden, features six transparent spheres of varying proportions crafted to reflect the city’s undulating skyline. designed to serve as both a place of learning and an site of relaxation, the ‘nobel sphere’ competition entry would form a new civic forum for the region, open to the public all year round.

Artist Creates 88 Mind-Bending Versions of a Hotel

Munich’s Deutscher Kaiser hotel looks like any sleek modern building. But re-imagined through the mind (and lens) of artist Víctor Enrich, the structure becomes something mind-bendingly crazy — Salvador Dali meets Inception.

The Spanish native spent months turning out these 88 startling computer-aided distortions of the four-star urban lodging. Why? Recent emigrant Enrich had passed the Deutscher Kaiser daily while job-hunting in the German city and quickly tired of looking at it. What started off as novel way to motivate himself, turned into a fully realized passion project.

Speaking to TIME from Barcelona, Enrich says “I always try to express myself as much as I can. If I’m not having fun, I will never do anything!”

We’ve picked some of our favorites, but you can see Víctor’s full series here.